Basic Session


DraftPics Portrait Composite Image DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

In today's modern world, a lot of people want the digital version of our DraftPics Composite Image. This image is sent to you via a downloadable link. Of course, we welcome you to show and share our composite image as we hope you love the image we've created for your favorite athlete. Sizes vary during the creation process, so we don't recommend printing these. Of course, if you desire prints, we would hope you will consider the rest of the options within our shop.
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This Basic Session is designed for anyone on a budget. The session is simple and quick, generating a single completed composite. We believe no one should miss out on the DraftPics experience, and this pricing allows for that.

  • 10 Minute Session
  • Basic Poses
  • Basic Backgrounds
  • 1 Completed Composite Digital Image
  • Prints Available via Order Form Page