A Different Player Portrait Experience
is here.

A player portrait session with DraftPics is different than what you’re used to. In fact, it’s so different, it’s actually an experience. There is so much more than just the images. From the way your favorite athlete is photographed, They’ll feel like a superstar long before ever seeing one of our composite images.  Of course, we’ll give you a collection of great portraits that you’ll forever be proud of.
You can be certain your DraftPics player portrait will make an impact on your favourite athlete…

A DraftPics Player Portrait Session can really

Make An Impact

  • BUILD SELF-CONFIDENCE.  It’s amazing to see how a DraftPics player portrait session impacts one’s confidence. We believe having a sense of self-confidence will help guide you through life.
  • REAFFIRM YOUR LOVE FOR THE GAME. Listen, we understand that life is full of distractions. Especially for those young adults. But playing a game provides an aspect to life that is so much more important than winning and losing. It’s about relationships, friendships. If life’s distractions take you out of the game, you’ll lose all that opportunity. A DraftPics player portrait session showcases just how much you love the game and how awesome you are by taking part in it.
  • INSPIRE FUTURE GREATNESS. Everyone has an idol. Someone they aspire to be. A DraftPics player portrait will serve as a constant reminder of how great you are…regardless of past successes or failures. It also inspires you to never stop working hard. Always looking to be better tomorrow than you were today!
You are amazing at what you do.
I was telling Darrell on the way home
you are more than just an amazing photographer.
You engage with the kids
to make them feel comfortable and confident.
That shines through in your pictures.

Leave the Process to Us…

You won’t have to worry about designing and creating your athlete’s composite. We take care of all of that. Of course you can provide some insight like mentioning a previous design that you might like. Within a few days we’ll send you a design. get your approval and then send off your composites to the lab for printing of your products.

The DraftPics Difference

DraftPics uses cutting-edge software and top-notch professionally designed backgrounds to create each Sports Portrait. Whether it is an individual athlete, team banner, or group composite each image is painstakingly created so that the final product far surpasses your expectations. Templates can also be customized to fit your team’s logo and/or color scheme – you can even choose whether or not to have player and team names on the photos to give it a poster look!

Great Photography

It all begins with great photography.
Using expert lighting along with great posing,
your favorite athlete already looks like a superstar.

Expert Extraction

Using a variety of extraction techniques, each subject
is painstakingly removed from its background.
Then we’ll ensure there is no colour casts, or green screen spills
etc as we ready the subject image for the magical next step.

Showcase the Magic

Now it’s time to place the image onto a dynamic background.
Something that really suits the subject or sport.
Then we’ll complete it by adding some effects such as fog, smoke
and of course lighting effects. Finishing touches such as text and
font choices really complete the composite creation..

Give it a Try

In video game terms
A DraftPics Player Portrait Session
Is like a

Level Up!

Here’s a little story to show the impact of a DraftPics Player Portrait, A few years ago, while my son was playing WMFA, there was a young man who didn’t get much time on the field. And if or when he did… you wouldn’t really know it. Just never made an impact. But as many others on his team were getting their player portraits done with me, his family decided he should get him as well. Of course, we made him look fantastic. Large and in charge. We delivered the prints on Saturday night.. the day before the Sunday Championship game.
Fast forward to late in the 2nd half… With the score between the two teams close, the opposing star running back breaks free for a sure-fire touchdown. Only one guy to beat.. this kid who’s never made a tackle before.

And sure enough, this player stuck his head in there. Sure it was an ugly tackle. But he made the play. Quite potentially a game-saving touchdown!  Did this kid make the tackle because he couldn’t get out of the way? Or did he have a renewed sense of confidence to get the job done?

You know which one I’m gonna say it was!

Ready for some Inspiration?

Check Out Our Player Portrait Sessions

The ultimate player portrait experience awaits you!

Currently, we offer two types of sessions, They center around how many composite creations you’d like.
In the All-Star session, you will receive a more basic portrait, using simple designs and minimal effects.
In the Ultimate session, you will receive 3 composites, created by using various images, more elite backgrounds, and effects.
Regardless of which package you choose, be rest assured you are going to love your draftpics portrait session!

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Do you photograph players only from specific sports?

No, DraftPics is all about motivating, inspiring, and celebrating players from all sports. Contact us today to photograph your portrait session.

Will the shoot be individual or team-based?

It depends on the team managers and player’s choices as well. Mostly, the shoot is done individually as well as in a group with team banners matching the aesthetics of the team and its vision that aims to deliver the product that can level up your expectations.

Do I require any special preparation for my physique in player portrait sessions?

You aren’t required to do anything extra for these portrait sessions. Just pump up your body and flaunt the elements that you’re proud of so that we can portray them in our style.

Are DraftPics photos retouched?

Yes, all DraftPics imagery is photographed on a green screen. Using the latest tools and software, all images are altered, edited, and retouched to ensure you look your absolute best.

What’s your typical turnaround for a single shoot?

The turnaround varies according to the session but individual teams tend to get their photos back within 7 days. However, for a tournament level shoot, having multiple teams on stake, the time would be different based on the types of photos you want, number of players, and other aspects.

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