Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many images can we expect?

We tend to capture the number of images upon request but in an average shoot, we take around 80 final images.

2) How will we get our images?

Generally, we upload the images on the online gallery so that everyone from your management can have access to them. Along with that, we give you a soft copy on your drive as well.

3) How long is the gallery online for?

After we have uploaded the gallery online, we send an email regarding it. Once you receive the email, the images will be there until three weeks after that. So, it’ll be removed as soon as that time period is over.

4) Am I able to download the photos from the online gallery?

Yes, everyone having access to the online gallery can download those photos to archive so that they can be easily shared online and printed as well.

5) Can I order more prints?

Yes, you can always order some extra prints to keep it for yourself or to send it to your family members.

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