Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Some of the more Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the DraftPics Experience?

The DraftPics Experience takes the generic photo session that you’re familiar with and turns it up to full blast! Essentially, a DraftPics portrait session utilizes all the variables and maximizes each to make the finished product just incredible. As parents, we know you’re already proud of your favorite athlete, and a DraftPics portrait showcases them as you’ve never seen before. As the featured athlete, your DraftPics portrait will inspire you to train harder, practice more, and perform even better…. each and every day.

I proudly proclaim that DraftPics ensures you look larger than life! This is all just one small part of the DraftPics Experience!

How is your sports photography different?

The biggest difference in the DraftPics product is that we too are inspired. DraftPics was based on inspiring future SuperStars, yet seeing the reactions on their faces when they open their life-size posters… It’s an amazing feeling. So with proper lighting, real-life game authentic posing combined with a desire to continue to make you say wow…. the DraftPics sports photography photo session is easily the best available.

What ages of athletes will DraftPics photograph?

DraftPics is designed to showcase your love for the game…. whatever that game may be. From photographing a 50yr old avid golfer to a 4-year old T Ball baseball player, DraftPics will ensure you always look your very best!

What is the DraftPics process?

The DraftPics process is incredibly complicated, yet we’ve managed to simplify it. It all starts with properly photographing our subject on a green screen, then expertly extracting them from that green background. From there we’ll take that newly created graphic and place it on a suitable background along with some added flare to complete the look. It’s very difficult to do properly, but DraftPics has perfected the process for you!

DraftPics Best thing?

Some of you might be wondering what is the best part of DraftPics? And I think it has to be the experience. Sure the images created are like nothing else around here. Sure the quick turnaround, and more than reasonable pricing helps you love DraftPics. But I think the impact that the portraits and the portrait session leave on the athlete is most important. It’s really neat for me to work with an up and coming superstar, sensing their nerves at the beginning of the shoot, only to see them-by the sessions end- opening up and showing me their character. That the biggest compliment to me… and the comfort of my subject really makes the images even better.

There is story, and it’s true…. of a football player I photographed in 2019. I’d seen him play in 2018 and again in 2019. I never saw him make a tackle. Never.
So I deliver his prints on the night before the Championship Game. His mom confirms he just continues to smile at his posters…. he’s obviously proud of them.
And then it happened…
On that Sunday, the day of the Championship, the star running back is heading towards this player… the safety. The last line of defense before heading to the end zone.

And he made the tackle. He made the tackle! Open field… all by himself. Now it wasn’t a pretty hit.. in fact it was awful… but it was effective and he saved a touchdown. As I mentioned earlier, this was likely his very first tackle, and it came at a crucial time of the game.

And it came after he was able to be inspired by seeing himself larger than life via a DraftPics Portrait!

And that, for me, is the best thing about DraftPics!

What is Multiple Poses?

In the pricing and packages section, you may have noticed that some packages make use of longer sessions and multiple poses. DraftPics uses these multiple poses to allow our subject to really “find their game face”. To put it another way, some poses work better for some so its always best to have multiple poses to better showcase your favorite athlete.

Also, multiple poses allows for you to have a number of different creations, vs a package with merely a standard pose… you will get that.. something simple and basic.
Remember though, what really makes the DraftPics experience amazing is the creations using those multiple poses.

Can I pick the pose?

Typically, I will pose my subjects in a way that showcases the athlete in not only the sport but also the position they play in what sport. We go from pose to pose, always ensuring the subject is safe and comfortable. Upon finishing the photography portion, I edit each pose using Adobe Photoshop. Then with my subject expertly extracted, it becomes a composite … or a graphic. I can then place the athlete on pretty much any background. But some seem to fit different sports or poses better than others. So I just kinda feel it out. And I always want to keep it unique… but it’s tough. So I’m very aware of “overusing” a background or theme… I never want my clients to get bored of my designs.

So officially the answer is no, you don’t get to pick the pose. However, if you see any images I’ve created, and love them… I am sure I can re-create that for you. So in some respects, you can ask for some things…. but usually, it’s just my mind, “seeing” an image and then making it happen.

Fortunately, I haven’t had a client not like one yet!

Why would anyone want a 13x19 Print.

I get this every time. Most parents think they don’t want the 13×19. Of course, it is huge and they have no use for something that large to be showcased on their walls.
But those parents forgot that this shoot isn’t about them. It’s about inspiring and motivating their favorite athlete and a 13×19 poster is a perfect way to do this. There is nothing “cooler” than for a kid to wake up in the morning and seeing their poster…. showcasing them doing what they do best.

Trust me, it’s the best way to represent your superstar!

Who owns copyright

Officially, I guess I would own the copyright as I am the photographer, creator and designer. But that’s no fun! I have no problem sharing or giving you the rights to share and print any of DraftPics Portraits as it’s the best way to market or show off your work. The only thing a client is prohibited from doing is altering the image (you cannot edit them) Please love them. Please share them. Please tell the world how awesome they are, and how awesome your experience with DraftPics was/is.

By the same token, I’m hoping you will allow me to post or share an image or two to celebrate the great images we (my subject and I) were able to generate.

Payment Methods

DraftPics accepts payments via cash, cheque, e-transfer, debit, and credit card. That’s right, we accept Visa and Mastercard as well!