Sports Team Photography

Sports Team Photography

Showcase your sports Team at it's very best!

Every sports team deserves to be showcased with a PhotoDay. It's a way to document your team, and the event as a whole often brings the team together.
Many teams, however, use the DraftPics Team PhotoDay as an opportunity to create a Team Banner.

Team Banner

This ain't your mama's team photo

There are Team Photos... and there is the DraftPics Team Banner...

A DraftPics Team Banner is a must-have for your team or group. There are many reasons for this, but typically it's all based on pride. The pride the players feel when they're part of such an amazing team. And of course, the pride your organization feels when their teams, including their players, look their best. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

While team pride is special indeed, there are a handful of other reasons why your team needs a team banner.

Here's Why

Your team needs a DraftPics Photoday
  • Be The Ultimate Team Photo.
    Every year teams receive a team photo, a way to forever cement the members of the year's squad. Why not make it something really special, perhaps a DraftPics team banner so amazing, so proud, that the players will actually hang on their walls.
  • Reaffirm that Sense of Family.
    Each team claims they are a family. It's a way to show unity. Togetherness. There is no better way that says family, unity and togetherness than showcasing them at their very best... with a DraftPics team banner of course.
  • Show That Everyone's a Winner.
    Not every team wins the championship. Some teams, barely win a game. Within those teams, some of your players will rarely score. Yet within the DraftPics team banner, they'll all equally look like superstars.
  • Intimidate.
    Many teams have their DraftPics team banner developed and printed for proud display around the facility their playing at. Everyone walking into that facility will pass by, and be forced to acknowledge how everyone on that banner looks like a superstar. Indeed, your team banner will impact those on opposing teams as they wonder... are these guys really as good as they look?
  • Showcase Sponsors
    We understand how expensive playing sports can be. And we also realize that some teams just wouldn't exist without the use of various sponsors and their financial support. Why not showcase them on your team banner. The ultimate way to say thank you is to proudly display their name or logo on the very same team banner that is attracting all this wonderful attention.

Check this out

The banner could be a badge of pride

This banner was created to inspire and hopefully recruit future football players to join the St. Joseph's Senior Boys Football Team.
Sized at 6 ft long, and 3 feat high, each of the 44 members of the 2000 squad is prominently featured on the banner.
In this video, you'll see the St. Joes banner unveiled to the team, after the final game.. a fitting end to their undefeated season. Check out their reaction to it!

Here's What You Can Expect

On your Team Photoday


Bring the DraftPics player portrait experience to your team or club.
We’ll send out the promotional material including order forms up to 2 weeks in advance,
On your PhotoDay we’ll come to you, set up, and do all of our testing shots well before you and your club arrive.

Private & Personal

Our order forms are entirely digital. You can order the packages you desire right here in the comfort of your own home. No peer pressure, no sales gimmicks…. just do what you need to do. And you’ll get a confirmation of your order emailed to you immediately!

Smooth & Swift

When it comes to the actual photography, we’re smooth and swift. Each player will be greeted and posed in a way that is comfortable for them. 3-4 poses later, they’re ready to move on as the next player joins the shoot. The flow of players is quick, with the average team when prepared can be completely photographed within about 20-30 minutes.

Time for the Magic

Once we return to the studio, we’ll unload the images, and the magic begins. Typically the digital files are ready within 2 weeks with the print orders coming another 2-2.5 weeks later.
From the first call to the delivery of your player portraits, we know you’re going to love the DraftPics Experience.

Photography for all ages

Choose DraftPics to photograph your Team or Group

Youth Sports Photography
When it comes to your pictures we provide you with the highest quality images and the most current graphics as well. We work to make sure that the designs we use are always the best they can be! We give equal time to each athlete to get the best sports photography on the photo session day.

All-Star and Travel Photography
We are your sports team photographer for ALL-STAR and Travel teams and your photos should reflect that! As your all-star sports photographer, we take more time and give you an elite portrait picture experience.

High School Sports Photography
If you are looking for the right photography company to take care of your high school sports, then you have come to the right place!

Dance Studio Photography
We know that you have a handful of choices when it comes to choosing a photographer to take your dance studio photos, but we are confident that if you choose us, you will have made the right choice!

Check out some of these images

From Previous Team Photoday's

Team PhotoDay Details

To ensure that your team receives the ultimate portrait experience, be sure to check out these requirements

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