Lakeshore Whitecaps U9

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Austin Duff U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps

Brody Renaud u9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Jack Raffoul U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Luca Santarossa U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Luke Sutton u9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Marcu Gorham U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps

Rhys Dupuis U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps

Samuel Hammoud U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps

Trevor Gauthier U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps

Zack Ryan U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Aaron Shin U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Cooper Ross U9 Lakeshore Whitecaps Baseball

Griffin Frey


Cooper Ross and Coach


Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Zack Ryan

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Trevor Gauthier

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Samuel Hammoud

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Rhys Dupuis

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Marcus Gorham

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Luke Sutton

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Luca Santarossa

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Jack Raffoul

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Griffin Frey

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Cooper Ross

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Brody Renaud

Lakeshore U9 Sportsmate Aaron Shin

Lakeshore U9 Austin Duff Sportsmate



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