All Star Package SPECIAL FOR U8 WMHA


The All Star package was created for those who want to motivate their favorite player.  You’ll get (2) 5×7 prints for the parents, (8) wallets, presumably for relatives, and the real key here.. is the DraftPics Magazine Cover. We all dream to appear on a magazine cover one day…. why not today! Also included is a copy of the team photo*.

*In cases where the team photo is provided to everyone by their league or organization, we’ll substitute the team photo for a SportsMate in these cases.

Pair 5x7 Prints

A 5x7 print is a perfect way to showcase the love for your favorite superstar. Now including a 2nd one for you to share, family members can enjoy your DraftPics player portrait experience.

Set of 8 Wallets

Take your favourite athlete with you wherever you go with a set of DraftPics wallet images. Sized small enough to fit in your wallet, this set of 8 wallets are a great way to show and share your superstar with friends and family.


The DraftPics Sports-Mate is the perfect way to commemorate your play, and celebrate your team. This 8x10 inch print will showcase the athlete in a portrait, alongside the team photo. Of course, it's offered within the Showcase category which means your Sports-Mate will have all the smoke, the lights, the garnish that any of the DraftPics Showcase Portraits have.
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This All-Star package was created for WMHA U8.  You’ll get (4) 5×7 prints for the parents,  along with our SportsMate. It’s the ultimate way to showcase both the individual along with the team you represent.  And once you see it, we know you’ll agree! Also included is a set of 8 wallets.