About The Author

Mike Elford
I photographed my first wedding back in 2004. I've photographed on average 25 weddings each year since. Photographing people at their best is a huge part of my life. So when my son Steven decided he wanted to play football (W.M.F.A) I knew I wouldn't trust his portraits of him to just anyone. Of course, being my son, I put a little "extra effort" into his portraits, and they turned out great. At the end of the year, I made him a huge 24"x36" print showcasing some of his biggest moments. I had no idea the impact this huge poster would have on him. In the offseason, we'd sit in his room talking about the images within the poster, recalling his moments, and celebrating his personal successes. He always had this little glow when discussing his play, and the images on his wall. The next season, in merely his second year, he played like a veteran. It was as though he played as "large and as in charge" as his poster had illustrated him to be. He had confidence and walked with a swagger. It showed in more than just on the field. He was a better person, more mature, focusing on being an even better person tomorrow than he was today. And now I am able to offer this experience to all athletes regardless of sport, size, age or ability.