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Player Portrait

DraftPics Player Portrait

Regardless of age or ability a DraftPics portrait session promises to create images and posters that will forever inspire and motivate your favorite athlete.


DraftPics offers so many ways (and reasons) to give you a better portrait experience

We're all familiar with the typical portrait session. A series of images to document growth, relationships, family... But there is nothing typical about a DraftPics Portrait session.  Indeed it's an experience. You'll feel right at home during your DraftPics session. Through dialogue that encourages you to tell your story, you'll feel so comfortable as you show your moves. Appear Larger than Life And that's what this is all about. A DraftPics Portrait Session showcases you to look your absolute best. To make you appear larger than life. Regardless of age or ability, your portrait session will make you appear like the SuperStar you dream to become.

A portrait session with DraftPics will give you a collection of great portraits that you'll forever be proud of. But time and time again, it's been proven that a DraftPics Portrait will make a different kind of impact on your favourite athlete...

  • Build Confidence

It's amazing to see how a DraftPics portrait session impacts one's confidence. We believe having a sense of self-confidence will help guide you through life.

For example, having self-confidence will allow you to seek opportunities, take chances and make the most out of life's opportunities. Of course, mistakes will be made, but at least you learned from it (we hope lol)

And when losses occur, it's this confidence we draw upon to pick ourselves back up and seek another chance, or another opportunity to do it right.

  • Reaffirm the Love...

Listen, we understand that life is full of distractions. Especially for those young adults. But playing a game provides an aspect to life that is so much more important than winning and losing. It's about relationships, friendships. If life's distractions take you out of the game, you'll lose all that opportunity. A DraftPics portrait session showcases just how much you love the game and how awesome you are by taking part in it.

  • Inspire for a Greater Tomorrow

Everyone has an idol. Someone they aspire to be. A DraftPics Portrait will serve as a constant reminder of how great you are...regardless of past successes or failures. It also inspires you to never stop working hard. Always looking to be better tomorrow than you were today!

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Here's the DraftPics Process...


It's a complicated process, but with experience, we've perfected how it's done. Essentially, each athlete is photographed in front of a green screen. Using great lighting, realistic and unique posing, we'll capture a number of different looks. Then we take those images to the "kitchen" where they're edited and to ensure they look their best. Then the real magic is the "garnish" that we add to take a great portrait to incredible. It's that simple. And you're going to love what we do to your portraits!

Let's talk about your favourite athlete! They work their tail off all year long… and have for years. For some of us, we live to play our sport. Shouldn't we celebrate their love for the game by capturing it in an awesome way?

Don’t settle for the ordinary photographer. At DraftPics, we take pride in our incredible life-like composites and sport artwork. We have been creating next-level player portraits, for individuals for years, Don't forget as well, the many amazing team banners we've created. And we're always looking for the latest trends and styles to keep your player portrait fresh! We're proud of the incredible creations we've been able to come up with for your favourite athlete. We want you to be just as proud!

Merging digital elements together to create something unique and new creates a sports player portrait composite. We take your ideas, photograph you for a few minutes at the studio on a green screen doing what you love… then we sit and work for hours on the computer to create unique-never seen before-amazing final creations for you.

Whether you are in Cheer, Dance, Gymnastics, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Swim, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Softball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Fitness, Art, Music, Golf, Track, Volleyball, Cross County, or Hockey, DraftPics would love to create a custom player composite for you!

Did You Know...

Every team should have a DraftPics Extreme Team Banner.
Regardless of wins or losses, every team or group should be showcased on an iconic Team Banner.

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